Saturday, October 31, 2009


Turquoise is believed to attract money, success and love, turquoise is a stone of friendship in many cultures. Native Americans associated the colors of the turquoise stone with the blue sky and the green earth. It is still seen by many today as being symbolicof mankind's source in nature.

Created with Beautiful piece of African Turquoise wrapped in silver wire.

Green Turquoise Christmas -- Silver Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant

Friday, October 30, 2009


...A damsel with a dulcimer
In a vision once I saw:
It was an Abyssinian maid,
And on her dulcimer she played,
Singing of Mount Abora.

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772 - 1834, poet
Excert from "Xanadu - Kubla Khan"

Here is a bracelet to stir the senses, inspire romance and femininity, and bring out your inner poet!

Created with the fabulous lampwork artistry of Kerri Fuhr and framed with carved black onyx and rose quartz. This is a one of a kind creation for a one of a kind lady! (And, aren't we all?)

As with all my posts, click on the photo to go directly to the listing. Thank you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Long Journey

Every day is a new long Journey in life. As an artist I have focused for over 9 years of making my own jewelry creations and they have evolved into wonderful pieces of art. It is also a never ending journey. You have to keep on going, don't give up, and succeed.

I challenge everyone to work on their journey of life. You will learn and find out a lot of things about yourself. You life will change for the better and you will be able to live your life to the fullest

Crystal of Life

This pendant is currently listed in my shop on Etsy (click on picture to go to listing)

Natural History

Natural History
The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unfolds a plan of her devising,
A thin premeditated rig
To use in rising.

And all that journey down through space,
In cool descent and loyal hearted,
She spins a ladder to the place
From where she started.

Thus I, gone forth as spiders do
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning.

-E. B. White
Written to his wife Katherine from a hotel room.

Long before he wrote Charlotte's Web , E. B. White wrote this poem as a love note to his wife. It is this type of inspiration that has me making beaded spiders. Not that I am particularly fond of spiders. Rather, I am fond of how something many find terrifying, can be looked at as beautiful and romantic.

I've made many spiders, including one specifically for the poem above. This little pretty, "Frostbite", is one of my most recent. She is quite elegant and hardly tame.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Here are a couple more pics that didn't come through on the post

Hope you like my creations.

Hi from Jewelry Artistry

I've been working on a new line of jewelry - rings.  I'm planning on offering all sizes and numerous styles.  The herringbone pattern I'm perfecting at the moment incorporates my handmade Pate De Vere glass beads.  I have them in all sizes and color combinations.  In the meantime, I'm also posting new items on my websites at: and  Please come & take a look.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lots of Pearls


I just love working with all kinds and colors of pearls. They are so elegant but simple at the same time. They come in all kind of shapes and sizes. They are specially great for wedding, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coral Sea

Hello from GemmaBeads!

I create beaded jewelry with a variety of materials. My favorites being Artisan crafted Lampwork and Polymer clay, semi-precious stones and Swarovski Crystals. One of my newest pieces is a perfect example. Click on the photo to go directly to the Etsy listing.

Keep informed on all of our unique styles and latest creations by following our blog and checking back often!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to The Artistic Five

I just wanted to welcome everyone to The Artistic Five's new blog site. Here you will get to meet five of the most incredible jewelry artists on Etsy and get to see their new creations. Here we will also do posts about Featured Artists on Etsy. We will also be developing the site more as time goes on.

New Creations by James Goetz

Here are a couple of my new creations that I just listed on Etsy a few days ago. To check them out go to

Thursday, October 15, 2009

These are a couple of my pendants. Hope you like them. on Board

Guess I'm the first one to post on here.  I hope you all enjoy wandering through our blog.  Take your time, as we all offer different styles.  Here are some examples of my creations.