Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working with Metal

If you have never tried working with metal making jewelry, it can be a great experience. You can start our with cold working metal and not ever have to do any soldering.

You will need a chasing hammer, pliers to cut sheet metal with, scroll saw with a metal cutting blade, flat thin sheet of metal, metal files, sand paper, punches, and a dremel comes in real handy. The best place to buy sheet metal is the hardware store. I know you can buy copper, brass, aluminum, and steel sheet metal at the hardware store. Start out with a thinner gauge of metal.

I think pendants would be the easiest thing to start with making out of sheet metal. You can hammer it, cut unusual shapes, and get very creative. Letter punches are great to make words and designs. You also can take different chemicals and make copper make like its old.

You can incorporate wire and other things to make the metal pieces of jewelry very interesting. You can buy round and heart shaped blanks, if you want to punch or cut out shapes. You can buy them in copper, sterling, and steel.

I love making jewelry out of metal. Give it a try.

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